“Storytelling is only about one-third of the recipe today. It’s in the other two-thirds where the real customer connection happens through shared experiences. In other words we must focus on creating a world where immersive experiences connect people with brands.” Storyscaping, 2014

We believe that communicate today means to create not only stories, but experiences. Everyone wants to live his own experience. That’s why we love to create worlds through our design approach.

Our mission is to connect people needs with today’s hyper-connected, networked users and consumers hungry for meaningful, authentic and relevant brand experiences.

Semplice is S-E-M-P-L-I-C-E


Pierluigi Ferrandini


Tommaso Martelli

Founder/Artist Director

Filippo Silvestris


Eugenio Barcelloni



Pomellato Icon Movies Capri
Oroverde Cortometraggio
Emporio Armani Behind the Scenes of the 2016-17 Fall Winter Campaign
Armani Junior 2015 2015 Fall Winter Campaign
Armani Junior 2014 Spring Summer Campaign
Emporio Armani 2013 Spring Summer Campaign
Lady B Cortometraggio su Rodolfo Valentino
Bottega Veneta Fashion Week 2016 Woman
Il Quadro Malato Cortometraggio
FOTOGRAFIA 2013 Festival Internazionale di Roma
FOTOGRAFIA 2012 Festival Internazionale di Roma
T.R.I.P. Travel Routes in Photography
SEMiNARIA Sogninterra Festival di Arte Contemporanea
M.I.U.R. Campagna Ministero Istruzione


If you’d like to talk to us about an upcoming project, feel free to send us a message. We’re always happy to talk and offer advice, suggestions and ideas on projects you have in mind.

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